Published April 28, 2020 By Paul Fleming, Optical Terminations

Your Established Strata Can Enjoy the Same Internet Speeds as Modern Buildings.  Discover How.


Many residents of strata buildings (some only a few years old) have been struggling with sub-optimal internet speeds and the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this problem. But there is a viable solution.

We’re living in a new normal where the majority of our work, education and entertainment is happening online. Catch-ups with friends and family are also virtual. Initially, the major internet providers struggled to meet the new demands and while this has settled somewhat, the reality is, many homes and strata schemes are struggling and this issue will be around for a long time.

All over Australia strata residents are grappling with slow internet speeds, buffering issues and, in some cases, just staying online.

Why can’t strata residents obtain faster internet speeds?

When first introduced, the NBN roll-out included fibre to each residence but to reduce costs, this was changed to a mix of fibre, Coaxial HFC cable and copper. As a result, for older strata buildings the existing copper cabling was untouched by the new NBN service.

That means the NBN mix of fibre and Coaxial HFC cable is run to your building’s MDF Room (typically located in the basement of your building). From there, your internet service is delivered to each apartment via the original, old-school copper cables.

Fibre Better is than the NBN’s Copper!

To fix this, your strata needs a Fast Fibre Network to deliver superfast speeds of 100MB/s (minimum) to all apartments – all at the same time! A Fast Fibre Network uses fibre optics to deliver the latest Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology – in fact, everything the original NBN plan was supposed to do!

For a relatively small, per unit investment, a strata building can add a Fast Fibre Network that runs from the street to your basement communications room, through your common areas and into each unit.

Optical Terminations has been working with strata committees for over 20 years to provide lightning fast and reliable internet solutions while allowing each household the freedom to choose their own internet service provider.

Not only can Optical Terminations improve current NBN speeds by as much as double or triple what residents are receiving now. Their Fast Fibre Network (FTTP) delivers a future-proof solution that will continue to provide high internet speeds to cope with increasing internet technology requirements. Even better, they can do it without any unsightly cables interfering with the architecture of your building.

There’s never been a more urgent time to improve your strata’s internet speeds!

Now more than ever before, people need fast and reliable internet connections and that means there’s never been a better time for your strata to investigate its options.

To start the conversation, call the strata experts at Optical Terminations on 1300 750 558 or discover more here.

Next time, we’ll show you how Optical Terminations can invisibly install high speed internet cabling into your building.

This post appears in Strata News #344.