Published July 9, 2020 By Paul Fleming, Optical Terminations

With the average Australian household expected to have 30.7 connected devices by next year, many strata buildings are struggling to deliver internet speeds to cope with increasing demand. While committees may have investigated solutions in the past, the problem with visible and unsightly cabling running throughout the building was a concern. But now there’s a simple, cost effective solution for both challenges.

Keeping up with technology has been an ongoing battle for many established and older strata schemes. No wonder! Telsyte, a leading Australian technology analyst, predicts the average Australian household will have 30.7 connected devices by next year. That’s a growth of 124% since 2017.

The problem is, how do you upgrade a strata’s internet system without unsightly cables?


New solutions from a reliable team

The great fear of many strata committee members is that any upgrades to the building’s internet infrastructure will require cabling to be run along walls and throughout common areas – reducing the value of each property. While other committee members fear a lack of high internet speeds will reduce the value of each unit.

That’s why more and more strata communities are turning to Optical Terminations to upgrade their buildings with an internal Fast Fibre Network.

Not only does Optical Terminations provide an effective solution to overcome sluggish internet speeds in a cost effective manner. Their Fast Fibre Network can be delivered into every apartment without the need for unsightly cables.

Their secret is a state-of-the-art product from 3M.


Introducing 3M Clear Track Fibre Pathway

3M Clear Track Fibre Pathway™ is an innovative new product that solves the issue of unsightly cables strung along the walls of high end apartment buildings – something most residents want to avoid.

The Clear Track Fibre Pathway™ is essentially a clear adhesive track which contains (and effectively hides) the clear glass, high-speed fibre. Internally, Clear Track runs along the wall at the level of the skirting board or cornice.  Because it’s only 3.5mm wide and clear, it’s virtually invisible.

Another advantage is the way the Clear Track Fibre Pathway™ is installed. There’s no need to drill holes into the wall or run conduit throughout each unit. Clear Track has a durable adhesive backing tape that peels off smoothly and is designed to keep the Track in place for over 20 years.

The special adhesive is designed to work on most finished surfaces including paint, smooth wallpaper and glass. (However, it’s not suitable for positioning on surfaces such as unfinished brickwork or fabric textured wallpaper.)


Invisibly future-proof your strata

Now that you know unsightly cables can be hidden from view, let’s look at the internet speeds you can expect.

The Optical Terminations system can deliver superfast internet speeds of 100MB/s (minimum) to all apartments – at the same time! These speeds are achieved by using fibre optics to deliver the latest Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology. But importantly, every resident retains the freedom to select their own internet provider.

For a relatively small, per unit investment, your strata can add Optical Termination’s Fast Fibre Network from the street, to your building’s MDF Room, through your common areas and into each unit.

Their system is so fast, it delivers a future-proof solution that will continue to provide high internet speeds to cope with your residents’ increasing technology requirements. All this without any unsightly cables threatening the value of your building!


Want to learn more?

There’s no need to tolerate slow and unreliable internet speeds – just because you live in a strata scheme. Cable installation technologies have improved just as fast as our need for superfast internet speeds. So talk to the experts in high speed internet delivery for strata buildings. Contact Optical Terminations on 1300 750 558 or discover more here.

As seen in LookUpStrata May 2020