Published 18th June, 2020 By Paul Fleming, Optical Terminations

Ever wondered why your internet service provider describes internet speeds “up to 50Mbps” or “typical evening speed of 50Mbps”?

The sad reality is, the NBN hasn’t delivered the internet speeds we expected but now there’s a cost effective solution for strata buildings.

For established and older strata schemes, the NBN hasn’t delivered the sort of speeds many residents were expecting. There are two reasons for this. Either your building’s internet system is running off old-school copper cables that were never designed to handle 21st century technology. Or, the NBN used Coaxial cables rather than fibre into your building.

Either way, your building will be experiencing a “bottle neck” that causes slower speeds when usage requirements are at their peak.

Of course for established buildings, internet speeds have probably been a long-standing problem for residents. But, in the era of COVID-19, years of frustrating speeds have become a significant headache for everyone.

The great news is, there is now a solution that will deliver faster speeds now and well into the future. Importantly, it can be done without the need for unsightly cables running throughout your strata building.

The Solution is a Fibre Optic Upgrade

More and more strata managers are deciding to upgrade buildings to an internal Fast Fibre Network. These solutions provide strata schemes with internet speeds of 100MB to 1 Gigabit in every unit, while still providing owners with the freedom to choose their own retail internet provider.

How it works

The NBN typically supplies a mix of fibre and Coaxial HFC cable to your building’s MDF Room. (Your MDF room is typically located in the basement or garage area of your building.) From here, each resident’s internet service is supplied via the original, old-school copper cables that were part of the building’s original design.

A cutting edge solution to this problem is the use of the latest 3M Clear Track Fibre Pathway™ through your common areas and into each unit – invisibly! Clear Track is only 3.5mm wide and runs along the wall at the level of the skirting board or cornice. That’s why it is so hard to see.

To adhere to walls, the Clear Track system uses a special adhesive that’s designed to work on most finished surfaces. What’s more, the adhesive is designed to keep the Track in place for over 20 years.

Imagine super-fast internet speeds, invisibly installed, while providing owners with the freedom to choose their own retail provider. It’s all possible thanks to Optical Terminations.

Want to learn more?

There’s no need to tolerate slow and unreliable internet speeds – just because you live in a strata scheme. Cable installation technologies have improved just as fast as our need for superfast internet speeds. So talk to the experts in high speed internet delivery for strata buildings. Contact Optical Terminations on 1300 750 558 or discover more here.

As seen in LookUpStrata June 2020