"We have used the technicians at Optical Terminations for over 10 years for our fibre splicing projects. Many of our projects are critical and have high client expectations, and we love having a highly skilled company like Optical Terminations as part of our offering. They always get the job done and treat our clients with respect, which reflects well on everyone, hence the long term relationship."
- Peter Carr, Evotec Pty Ltd, Communications Provider
"Optical Terminations has been a valuable resource for us in our telecommunications business. Specifically in the NBN roll out, they have the expertise and equipment to tackle any fault finding or network short fall. Often when other contractors have failed to achieve a result, Optical Terminations will always get the job done."
- Gavin Muspratt, Procab Australia Pty Ltd, Telecommunications contractor
"Optical Terminations are a valued partner in our delivery of high speed internet services to Sydney residents. Because of the versatility of the Optical Terminations team, we are able to offer both copper and fibre to the apartment solutions and know that the customers and ISPs receive top quality service, technical advice and delivery."
- David Bellamy, OPENetworks, Superfast Broadband Provider