For many years, copper cables have been used to deliver broadband services to consumers. Now with the widespread roll out of optic fibre networks, consumers are gaining access to internet speeds previously reserved for big business, and it is improving their internet experience considerably.

In previous articles, it was emphasised how Developers and builders can save on construction costs and even increase property values. Now we are going to discuss how FTTP can impact the lives of its users—why would they want FTTP as their connection of choice.

Among many advantages in choosing FTTP, the Most obvious is the speed. Fibre can deliver faster speeds over longer distances.  Below are some of the benefits of FTTP that residents can enjoy.

Homeowners prefer fibre connections over traditional copper networks because the greater speed allows them to access more of the internet’s features. Fibre is capable of delivering connection speeds of up to 1Gps. This lets the consumer connect multiple devices without worrying about intermittent connection.

What are the things that resident can do when connected to fibre?

Video calls without interruption

Streaming and video-calling is more reliable with FTTP. This is perfect for those whose family members are working or studying abroad. There are numerous ways to communicate with people who are on the other side of the world. Video calls can be done on Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, or even Whatsapp whenever you want and without worrying of being cut off due to poor Internet connection.

Work-at-home setup

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, one in three Australian workers now work from home. They may be working full time, part time, or even just to catch up on workloads or meet deadlines. A fibre connection can make working at home more efficient as the worker can access company systems remotely, download/upload files quickly, and may even save on transportation costs. This will give parents more time to spend with their children. It can improve work-life balance and provides flexible working schedule for employees.

Online gaming

Online gaming is all about network speed. Call of Duty, DOTA 2, LOL, Heroes of Newerth, and some Xbox and PlayStation features need a fast and reliable.  The connection must have good speed and be very responsive, reliable, and can upload and download quickly for updates, gameplay sharing, and streaming.

For online gamers, FTTP is the best broadband service that can cater their gaming needs.It reduces network latency that may result from using copper cable connection as it gives flawless connection and prevents frustration.    

FTTP can improve the internet experience of the resident in a FTTP connected community. You might think that it’s a luxury now, but in the long run, you are actually choosing the most cost-effective internet service.

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