In our last article, we discussed the construction savings that can be realised by developers and builders by installing a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network instead of the traditional copper cabling system.  In this article, we’ll be focusing on the uplift in prices that FTTP-connected properties can achieve.  The combined effect of increased property prices and reduced construction costs builds a compelling case for changing to FTTP on your next development.

Most people would realise that slow internet speed can be very annoying, but does internet speed have an impact on house prices?  Research is saying that it does!  This makes sense, as consumers will pay more for high quality homes, and fast internet is now seen as a necessity – the fourth utility.

Gone are the days when Internet is used for research or just plain emails. Now, it is a source of entertainment, news, communication, and a medium for work for those who prefer to work at home. Research also suggests that the average home will have over 50 internet-connected devices by 2020.  These will include phones, tablets and computers, but also smart meters and TV’s as well.

According to a London School of Economics (LSE) 2014 report, homeowners in London are willing to pay 8% above the market price for properties in sites with fast internet speed.


Better broadband services have been shown to increase the market price of fibre-connected homes in the USA. FTTH Council released a study showing that access to fiber-delivered Internet increases property values by up to 3.1% and up to 7% higher for gigabit connected homes. Translating that to the Australian market, that is an additional $21,000 dollars for a Sydney unit selling for the median price of $700,000. The study compared that benefit to adding a fireplace, half a bathroom, or a quarter of a swimming pool to the residence.   It even tops off street parking and access to local amenities as one of the critical factor why people choose their new homes.


Given that consumers are now beginning to see fast Internet access as a necessity, now is the right time for developers to start considering the opportunity to save on construction costs and promote a premium property at the same time.

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