Published 4th November, 2020 By Paul Fleming, Optical Terminations

This was the case for a large, 35 floor residential and commercial complex located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Built in 1994, it’s still an impressive and attractive building. But its inability to handle today’s technological requirements was becoming a significant issue for its residents and business tenants.

We have a cost-effectivevirtually invisible solution

It’s a problem shared by many strata buildings across Australia and until now, the available solutions have been ugly and expensive to install. But that’s the thing about technology. If you wait long enough a solution will be invented and that’s what this 35 floor, Sydney CBD building has embraced.

The building currently accommodates 120 prestige residential apartments and 20 commercial tenancies requiring business hours concierge services and security.

Occupants were experiencing a number of problems that the ageing infrastructure was unable to manage including:

• Poor internet speeds hampering family connections and business efficiencies
• An inability of the concierge and security team to adequately monitor infringements of overcrowding regulations, common area property damage and loud parties held by short-term tenants
• Difficulty in achieving market value and attracting ‘high-end’ purchasers or tenants due to the building’s outdated, technology infrastructure

Our solution

Each unit was audited to evaluate its internet connection speeds along with the overall requirements of the building. Then a new infrastructure plan was designed and presented to the Owners Corporation.

The plan involved installing fibre optic cabling to accommodate:

• A Fast Fibre Network (FTTP) from the street to the building’s basement communications room to provide high-speed internet connections to all units
• CCTV and an access control management system for the concierge to protect common property and monitor ‘undesirable’ tenancies
• This solution gave all owners the ability to choose their own internet provider and suitable plan while providing minimum internet speeds of 200MB/s To achieve these speeds for all residential and commercial tenancies, the plan included installation of a Fast Fibre Network (FTTP).  A Fast Fibre Network uses fibre optics to deliver the latest Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology – without unsightly cables interfering with the architecture of the building.

By using a state-of-the-art, clear adhesive tracking system, the optical fibre is concealed as it runs along the wall at skirting board or cornice level.

The tracking is only 3.5mm wide and clear – making it virtually invisible. Importantly, installation doesn’t require holes to be drilled into walls or conduit run throughout each unit. By installing a Fast Fibre Network to this prominent Sydney CBD building, it’s occupants are now enjoying a future-proof solution that will adapt as new technologies are developed. There are now cost-effective and attractive solutions to solve your strata scheme’s internet and technology problems. You just need to know where to look.

Want to learn more?

There’s no need to tolerate slow and unreliable internet speeds – just because you live in a strata scheme. Cable installation technologies have improved just as fast as our need for superfast internet speeds. So talk to the experts in high speed internet delivery for strata buildings. Contact Optical Terminations on 1300 750 558 or discover more here.

As seen in LookUpStrata May 2020