One of the main advantages of installing a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network is the opportunity to offer additional services to your residents without installing extra cabling networks. All that is required is to install the relevant equipment in the MDF room and configure the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) to receive the new service and the resident can then access the service.

There are a number of reasons why this is advantageous to both developers and operators of apartment complexes. Here, we outline a few of the benefits.

  1. Future proof your development or complex.

None of us know what advances in communications technology are yet to be invented. How many of us foresaw the ones we have right now like streaming video services (Netflix, Stan etc.)? We don’t know what applications people will use to connect and communicate in the future, but we do know that an FTTP network will be able to seamlessly deliver this new content without any issues. Then your residents will be glad that you’ve gone with FTTP rather than copper.

  1. Free to Air and Cable TV

Eliminate the need to install and pay for a duplicate MATV network, when the Free to Air TV and Cable TV can be delivered over the fibre. The numbers really make sense after about 100 apartments, and the savings go up from there.

  1. Gas, Hot Water and Electricity Metering

Many developments are using the extra capacity of the fibres to carry the electricity, hot water and gas metering. This is often in embedded networks and offers another saving on duplicated networks.

  1. Access Control/Intercom

Access control systems can now run over the fibre also. This includes, door stations, wall units in the apartments and also any CCTV cameras in the building.

  1. Overseas TV services

Some developments have a high percentage of migrants. If this is your market, then FTTP is one solution that can allow you to deliver these services to your consumers. The main thing is to negotiate with the correct partners for the distribution of the TV service, and it can be delivered over the fibre.

  1. Community Content

For providers who plan to maintain and operate the development, having an FTTP network allows the possibility of operating a community Retail Service Provider (RSP). This may be ideal for student accommodation providers, retirement villages or resort communities. The FTTP network must still be an ‘Open Access’ network, so it won’t be a monopoly, but for ongoing community engagement and revenue creation, having a community RSP could make sense.

These are just some of the extra services that may be offered over the fibre in an FTTP network. For more information on how to make FTTP work for your development, call Optical Terminations on 1300 750 558.